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About Us

The Iranian Yellowpage was established as an informative medium for business services. The company has evolved to include more than just a business directory. It was created initially to link Iranians from around the world with the Toronto area, but now it hosts a variety of cultures to complement its growing diversity. Still today, the Iranian Yellowpage offers businesses and the visiting audience a unique opportunity to connect in a current and broad based atmosphere.

From its inception, the Iranian Yellowpage has been very busy expanding on what was initially created. Today, we offer a business directory and advertising, a vast entertainment section that gathers audiences of all ages and a multitude of valuable information services that have links to important areas for daily living. With the incorporation of the multi-mediums of radio and television, we can offer businesses exposure in over many different languages worldwide. The audience of the Iranian Yellowpage continues to grow in its numbers and locations which have made the exchange of business information services easy as well as informative.

We offer businesses from other international communities to advertise to the Iranian community as well. This unique opportunity allows both Persian and English languages to be used. Advertisers can reach an audience that crosses the globe in one easy step. Our business directory is here to work hard for its advertisers. The accessibility to such information is made possible to all Iranians that are both here in Canada and other countries.

Our viewing numbers are strong which serves our business advertisers well for increased prosperity. With more than 1,000,000 views monthly to date we invite everyone to join us and to support our community. Our strength in numbers is continually proven and we are still expanding. Many other cultures are now integrating with our select form of advertising and wish to make us a valuable part of their success. Audiences are currently able to access services in English and Farsi, but in the near future the information will be available in other practical languages as well.

Together, our team is developing a strong business so that we may provide you with the most extensive services. Our website is designed for ease of access to allow you to select your viewing choices faster. Ingenuity and forward thinking have allowed our fast growing services to become a success. The Iranian Yellowpage Head Office is located in the Toronto area, but our country wide network is developing to link Canada from coast to coast as well as around the world.

We, the Iranian Yellowpage are honoured to provide our business advertisers and visiting audience with our many services and entertainment for a world wide experience at the convenience of a key stroke.


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